Review of Taj Lake Palace Hotel (Udaipur, India)

Taj Lake Palace Hotel is a white marble-and-mosaic hotel that rises like a mirage above Lake Pichola. Today, guests are treated like royalty at the palace by an entourage of butlers who make sure of their every need. Maharana Jagat Singh II developed the court in 1746. It now provides a stunning and luxurious array of therapeutic spa options from India’s rich and healing traditions. The hotel’s rooftop Bhairo restaurant is open from October to April and features contemporary European cuisine and spectacular palace lake views.

The Taj Lake Palace is one of my top 10 luxury hotels in India list and my complete ten list of the world’s best historic hotels and lavish castle hotels.

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Pros of This Hotel Which I like

  • Udaipur is home to the Taj Lake Palace Hotel. Known as the most vibrant city in India, Udaipur is a Mewar capital established in 1553. A picturesque city of lakes, Udaipur is known as ‘the Venice of the East’ nestled amidst the Aravalli Ranges. The elevated hills and the beautiful lakes frame the city’s historic architecture and narrow alleyways. Udaipur’s main attractions are lakes, palaces, temples, gardens, colorful fairs, and festivals. Udaipur has forts, palaces, temples, and parks that make it one of India’s preferred tourist destinations. New Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, and most major cities in India (including Udaipur) are easily accessible from Udaipur by road, rail, and air.


  • A top tourist attraction in Udaipur is Lake Pichola. A Banjara tribesman built it during the era of Maharana Lakha, known as Pichhu Banjara. Taj Lake Palace rises majestically out of the tranquil blue waters and features white walls. Udaipur’s best attraction, the City Palace, is neighbored by a boat dock next to the hotel, where romantic rides on little wooden boats are offered on a complimentary basis.


  • It has been turned into a world-famous luxury hotel, formerly a summer palace of the Mewar dynasty. Maharana Jagat Singh (1709-1751) begged his father Maharana Sangram Singh II to reside with his ladies in the court Jagmandir. Despite not giving permission, the Maharana told his son if he was so eager to stay in an Island Palace, why didn’t he build one for himself? As a result of this taunt, a pleasure palace was built around Lake Pichola in 1743. This palace, which was used as a palace until 1955, was then reconstructed as a hotel.


  • Much of the hotel’s original palace charm has been preserved in its elegant decor. On the grounds are picturesque courtyards filled with lush tropical foliage, magnificent whitewashed courtyards, and dramatic fountains. Interior details include plaster reliefs, intricate corbels, timber grid ceilings, and delicate friezes. Hotel furniture, in contrast, is kept simple to keep spaces from feeling overly crowded. The rich fabrics are paired with a palette of hues inside the walls.


  • Its 65 beautifully decorated rooms and 18 suites are spread over various wings. During my stay at the hotel, I was upgraded to a grand royal suite called the Mayur Mahal. A unique suite boasted spacious sitting areas, a four-poster bedroom, and a spa-quality bathroom. The suite exuded a regal atmosphere with marble floors, stunning Rajasthani artwork, and glass mosaic peacock motifs. With the shifting sunrays and colored glass panels, the room’s mood changed.


  • There are several leisure & wellness facilities located close to one another on the property’s southeastern side. Across Lake, Pichola is Udaipur’s City Palace, next door to this elegant hotel. While the courtyard is in the shade for most of the afternoon, the pool is lined by rows of white sun loungers. A treadmill and free weights can be found on the gym’s treadmills. At Java Spa, a soothing state of mind is achieved through a mix of traditional therapies available right around the pool courtyard.


  • There are three chic restaurants and a lovely bar at the hotel, along with 24-hour room service. This posh bar offers a range of vintage wines, spirits, and cigars at Amrit Sagar (aptly named ‘sea of nectar’). Bhairo offers exquisite contemporary European cuisine only during winter at the seasonal rooftop restaurant of Neel Kamal (located next to Jharoka). The Gangaur, the hotel’s century-and-a-half-old boat, makes for a romantic private dining experience on the grounds or the water.


  • Taj Hotels & Resorts manage the hotel since 1971, and over the years, the experience has been mastered. Taj is one of India’s leading hotel brands, a curation of authentic living palaces, landmark hotels, resorts, and safaris. In the Indian hospitality industry, this brand provides warm and intuitive service that is unrivaled. The company currently operates 100 hotels and resorts under its management, including 84 in India and 16 in the seven world countries of Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka, South Africa, the UAE, UK, the USA, and Zambia. Indian royal palaces have been converted into five-star luxury hotels by the Taj group since the 1970s.


  • At Taj, guests are treated like maharajah and received unparalleled service. Your guests are greeted with an awe-inspiring royal welcome as they exit the boat at the reception area, followed by an elegant sequined, embroidered umbrella as they enter the reception area. A butler is available at all times in every room. The butlers organize everything, including creating specialized dining experiences in many of the hotel’s romantic settings. There are descendants of original palace retainers working in the hotel now.


  • During the Bond film Octopussy (1983) filming, the Taj Lake Palace Hotel was used as a pivotal location. The movie shows James Bond swimming up to the ‘floating palace,’ populated by pretty women all year round. The property opened in 1977 as part of the Hollywood movie Fame. It hosted hundreds of dignitaries and celebrities, from Jackie Kennedy to Hillary Clinton, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Beyonce, and the Queen, and practically every other royal family to date. Anand Piramal, 33, married India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani’s daughter Isha Ambani at the Taj Lake Palace. The Taj Lake Palace was also the location of the world’s second most expensive wedding in 2018.

Cons & Things You Should Know

A Taj Lake Palace is a must-stay in India. You’ll have a great time staying here, but there are several things you need to keep in mind before booking your vacation.

  • A place like this may not be to everyone’s taste. The guest rooms themselves tend to feel ‘dated,’ but of course, they are meant to feel that way. The hotel room, restaurant, spa are all areas that could use a refresh, and which could be done without ruining its authenticity.
  • In Udaipur, I noticed many pigeons nesting in the hotel’s nooks and crannies. As many as 300 pigeons have spent the night in the hotel, although nets cover some courtyards, they continue making a mess.
  • Before booking, make sure to do some research on Lake Pichola, as it is sometimes dry during the dry season.
  • The hotel offers only easy boat access from Udaipur’s center, a massive bonus for many travelers. However, some may be uncomfortable feeling like they’re on an island (both the boats run round the clock).
  • Due to the existing structures in the heritage building, the hotel’s fitness center and pool are small.

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Best Time To Visit

Udaipur has its best weather between October and March when it is warm, dry, and sunny. You can expect high humidity and thunderstorms in April and May, so be ready. Summer monsoons begin in July and last from July to September.

How To Get There

Udaipur’s Maharana Pratap Airport is 45 minutes from Taj Lake Palace. A resort representative can arrange transfers.

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